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Hjem > Rekedal sausage factory

Rekedal sausage factory


Rekedal Pølsefabrikk AS
Heimstadjordet 14
N-2656 Follebu

Tlf: 61 22 86 70

Rekedal Pølsefabrikk AS (The Rekedal Sausage Factory) lies in Follebu in Gausdal, and specializes in the production of smoked sausages.  Our sausages are widely known through the country after many years of market sales.  Sales are made by independent merchants from market-style trailers or wagons.  In the last years we have expanded the coverage, and are now also selling our products in grocery stores.

Our sausages are known for their great taste and outstanding quality.  The sausages are low on fat, and the only additive is Sodium Nitrite - regular table salt.  All of our products have a long shelf life.  Wholesalers, store owners or privare persons who wish to know more about our products may contact us for information.